Medicare Rebate Criteria

How to Book an Appointment

To attract a Medicare rebate, a valid referral is required. A referral from a GP will last 12 months. A referral from a specialist will last 3 months. If your child is attending our practice for dietetic services, psychology services, or nurse practitioner services. please read the information below.

Medicare Rebate for Psychology Services:

Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP)

To be eligible for a rebate, a Mental Health Care Plan must be obtained from your child’s GP. This plan allows you to claim a rebate for up to 10 sessions, or up to 20 sessions if there is an eating disorder. A review by the referring GP is required after the first 6 sessions, so please keep track of the number of sessions your child has had.

Medicare Rebate for Dietetic Services

Enhanced Primary Care Plan/ Chronic Disease Management (EPC)

To be eligible for a rebate, an Enhanced Primary Care Plan must be obtained from your child’s GP. The EPC allows a rebate to be claimed for 5 appointments over 12 months.

Medicare Rebate for Nurse Practitioners/Nurse Educators

All appointments with our Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Educators are not eligible for a Medicare rebate as Nurse Practitioners/Nurse Educators do not hold provider numbers.

National Disability Insurance Scheme patients

We accept self-funded and plan-managed schemes for patients. We are unable to accept agency managed schemes.